Fresh bread from the capsule – EASY BREAD with world first


EASY BREAD Press Release

Ruggell, October 2014.

Bread from capsules – what works with coffee, must also work with bread, thought Hartwig Hämmerle, an Austrian entrepreneur from Lustenau and co-founder of the successful Austrian coffee brand Martello. Now, after four years of intensive development work and hundreds of thousands of euros later it is done. From the end of October 2014 onwards, the first breadmaker of EASY BREAD can be found on the shelf.

What is so special about it? It is the integrated machine and capsule system, that makes EASY BREAD so special. The EASY BREAD bread maker only works with the exclusively developed and worldwide patented EASY BREAD bread capsules. “The idea is simple and the system is easy to use,” says Hartwig Hämmerle, founder and owner of EASY BREAD COMPANY AG. “Just fill the water tank, place the bread capsule into the machine and press the start button. Two hours and ten minutes later the fresh bread is ready. ”

Together with Franz Rhomberg, CEO of Vorarlberg mill in Feldkirch and specialist in flour and baking mixes, EASY BREAD has already developed a wide range of bread sorts. The products range from the classic white bread, juicy whole wheat bread, a nutty-flavoured multigrain bread and an Italian white bread with olive oil to spelt and gluten-free bread. New recipes are already in the pipeline.

“We as EASY BREAD place particular emphasis on the high quality of the bread. Only the best raw materials are used for the baking mixes . The grains come from the best locations in Austria and southern Germany. Only natural ingredients are used. All baking mixes are free of emulsifiers, additives, durability, artificial flavor enhancers and artificial colorings, ascorbic acid and enzymes.” explains Wilan van den Berg, CEO at EASY BREAD.

Before the grinding, the grain is mechanically cleaned intensively on different machines. This is the guarantee that the flour is free of foreign material and hygienically proper. During the grinding process, the shell parts are carefully separated in repetitive operations, from the flour. The milled flour, dry yeast and all other ingredients are thoroughly blended and bottled in the especially for EASY BREAD developed filling production in the Allgäu. Strict quality controls during the whole production process and regular checks by independent institutes and laboratories guarantee that every EASY BREAD capsule meets the highest national and international quality standards. EASY BREAD is marketed globally through world’s food and electronics markets. In 2014 EASY BREAD starts selling its brand new system in Canada, France, Italy, Holland and Portugal. 2015, the US, Belgium, Russia and the UK will follow among others.

On its new website, EASY BREAD Company provides all the useful information for the customer. Whether machine’s instructions, a vivid cleaning video, Frequently Asked Questions, or the current assortment of bread sorts available. In the new blog section the latest information about EASY BREAD and the new developments will be posted.

Nothing is as easy as EASY BREAD – just 3 easy steps to fresh bread.